Epoxy Floor Experts in Augusta, GA

We specialize in a wide array of epoxy coatings and floors to transform your space into a beautiful, long-lasting investment. In fact, with our multi-step interior concrete paint and garage floor coatings process, our contractors can apply multiple layers of finishes for varying degrees of customization. We have the ability to apply coatings as thin as a grain of sand up to several inches thick. Alternatively, if you’d like, we can also incorporate stains, graphics, and textures into your concrete for a unique look. Our team of experts is fully trained in the services that we provide. All of our floor coatings are hermetic, anti-microbial, non-slip, and meet all OSHA, FDA, and USDA guidelines for seamless floorings. (Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and fire retardant)


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Concrete Coatings for many applications

We provide painting and concrete coating services for the following applications:

  • Residential Applications, particularly garage installations.
  • Commercial Installation, for example restaurants and pharmacies.
  • Industrial Installation such as auto dealerships and warehouse floors.
  • Event venues, dance floors, chapels, churches, and more.
  • Schools, hospitals, veterinary clinics (high traffic / pet friendly).

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional, and trusted installer, you’ve come to the right place. Concrete epoxy paint is designed to cover interior concrete and garage floors as well as other concrete surfaces in such a way that it’s safeguarded from dampness damages, providing customized designs in every imaginative surface possible. Give us a call today? to schedule a visit to have one of our specialists will come out and offer you a FREE price quote for your brand-new epoxy coating flooring. Obtain a cost effective improvement that will instantly bring out the charm as well as the value of your home or business property!

Metallic Epoxy: Get that granite look

This metallic option for epoxy flooring is designed to create a high-level of resilience while allowing for an attractive color and texturized option. When used with binders, it produces seamless floors with a multi-dimensional finish.


Epoxy Flake Floor Colors

Polymer ColorFlakes™, also known as decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or fleck are specially formulated paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based chip/flake flooring systems. This unique product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range and custom blended to match any decor. *Due to color differences in printers and monitors we recommend picking flake colors from hard samples.

Quartz Signature Blends

Quarts Chart